The Advantages Of Choosing Imprinted Concrete Driveways

Whether you’ve come across or heard of imprinted concrete as an alternative surface before or not, you may not be aware of the unique benefits it offers over traditional paving methods – and our latest article runs through four of the key advantages.

1. Ease Of Maintenance
Weeds and plant growth just love to find gaps to, for want of a better word, weed their way through – something you’ll have seen with traditional block paving which, over time, tends to get overrun with patches of green appearing between the stones/slabs.

As imprinted concrete driveways are just one uniform surface, there’s no way for weeds to muscle their way in on your driveway – negating the need for constant maintenance and weed killing.

2. Luxury Look; Affordable Price
We all have to work to a budget of some description, however high or low it might be, and the great thing about imprinted concrete driveways is that they’re incredibly friendly on the wallet – but you don’t have to sacrifice the stylish appearance of more traditional paving methods.

We offer a imprinted in a range of styles, patterns and colours that can impressively mimic the real thing with an authentic-looking finish – but with more benefits than the genuine article. Check out our brochure or gallery for more information!

3. Fantastic Strength & Durability
One of the downsides of traditional paving slabs and stones is that they’re only as good as the ground underneath it, and a common complaint is often that your usual paving stones can (over time) sink in the ground underneath – leaving you with an uneven and visually unappealing surface.

The great think about choosing us for an imprinted driveway is that we use a special mix of reinforced and air entrained concrete to ensure maximum strength, durability and (best of all) no sinking!

4. Quick Installation; Minimal Disruption
Renovating your home, more specifically your driveway, is undoubtedly exciting for homeowners – you’re giving it a new lease of life, a fresh design and creating something new from scratch. However, the flip-side to this is obviously the time it takes to complete and getting a good balance between quality work and time taken to complete it can be difficult with traditional paving methods.

Thankfully, imprinted concrete driveways generally take significantly less time than a standard paving option (depending on weather and other factors), causing less disruption and letting you get on with enjoying your home.

If you’d like to experience all these benefits, and more, then just speak to our friendly and knowledgeable sales team here at Avon Cobblestone. We can guide you through the whole process with honest advice, upfront pricing and (most importantly) a quality finish.

You can get in touch with us direct for more information, advice or to book your free, no obligation survey by calling us on 01454 633394 or by sending us an email through our website’s online contact form – however you get in touch, we’re always more than happy to help.